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how do we make #ImpSci relevant to low resource contexts, how do we make the discourse, its coverage and have scholars, leaders from more diverse backgrounds?

Discover decades of health care management expertise and knowledge in our journal archive. Read over 45 years with of information from leading experts: https://journals.lww.com/hcmrjournal/Pages/issuelist.aspx #HCLDR #HealthcareManagement #HealthManagement #HealthLeaders #HealthcareLeaders #ImpSci #HealthPolicy

#impsci #global ppl - can we collaborate? Bc, as you know, doing good translation takes time & I think that we should join forces instead of replicating the wheels...

I have started an excel file for us to track things if you want:

A citation analysis & scoping systematic review of the operationalization of the Practical, Robust Implementation & Sustainability Model (PRISM) https://implementationscience.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13012-022-01234-3 @BorsikaRabin @alwaysgofwd Caitlin Golden @Paul_Estabrooks @RussGlasgow @BridgetGaglio @ImplementSci #ImpSci

Can I put that Iā€™m a DINDY 500 winner on my CV? Because Iā€™m pretty sure this is my favorite achievement šŸ˜… thank you @wustl_impsci for a great #impsci proposal bootcamp. @EkpProctor @Byron_Powell @wuisc3 @BrownSchool @WUSTLphs @WUSTLpubhealth @WUICTS

This is a great short article about how we can use the theoretical domains framework in #ImpSci #ImpPractice.

They highlight how it can be a:
1āƒ£ A planning tool
2āƒ£ An evaluation tool


https://youtu.be/6d_hN5rLK0I WEBINAR. Adapting Interventions ā€“ Approaches, Considerations, and Practical Guidance. Part 1

Efficacious interventions are not one-size-fits-all.

#healthscience #ImpSci #ImplementationScience

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