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We are thrilled to co-host Dr. @Alisonh3 for this one-day workshop on qual and mixed methods in #impsci next Monday. Interested in attending virtually? Click the link below ⬇️


Next Tuesday: Join @cbitshealth and @SocietyDMH for our monthly digital mental health webinar! @sjbeckerphd Alice Hamilton Professor of #Psychiatry and director of Center for Dissemination & #ImpSci at @nu_ipham @NUFeinbergMed will present.
More info here: https://cbits.northwestern.edu/seminars-events/index.html

#EHE supplement projects are essential in advancing #HIV #ImpSci knowledge and research. Their dedication and accomplishments are highlighted here. Find out more about EHE data harmonization efforts: http://ow.ly/BwQn50MHh21

Check out @NCCOR February e-newsletter for the latest in #ChildhoodObesity tools, research, and news! http://ow.ly/Xap350MCo69 Thanks for sharing @DrRebeccaHasson #impsci

We are recruiting postdoctoral fellows at @COINLTSS! Come work with investigators focused on aging research & #impsci : @whitneylmills
@kalit23 @KevfromRI @justfooddoc @tombayermd
@erqousebhat @themoruknow @portiacornell
@ejutkowitz @amal_trivedi @jimrudolphmd & more!

https://youtu.be/WUF-DgLxAC8 - Integrated HIV Prevention and Mental Health Service Delivery among Young South African Women with Jennifer Velloza Ph.D., MPH

#Mentalhealth #ImpSci

Next Tuesday we are delighted to host Booil Jo at Virtual Grand Rounds!

Make sure you're on our email list to receive the zoom link and invitation!

#prevention #ImpSci #Statistics

If evidence-based practices are not developed with input from the diverse cultures and communities they are intended to impact, their implementation will only serve as an example of the pervasiveness of structural #racism in health and/or medicine. https://bit.ly/3Jh4UWN #ImpSci

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