October 23, 2018


Welcome to the new online home for implementation science at the University of Washington! This resource has been created by the Department of Global Health’s Implementation Science Program to help further the ongoing implementation research and education at the University of Washington, already a global hub for this young field of study. Our three main aims are to:

  • provide an introduction to the field of implementation science for students and new researchers, curating selections of supporting resources for further study
  • facilitate new research in the field of implementation science through our 8 Step Research Guide, which walks through implementation research design from identifying an implementation science question through reporting results
  • cross disciplinary lines, bringing together critical developments from across the university's many departments already conducting implementation science

Throughout the website you will find links to external resources, from journal articles to webinars, intended to further your understanding of a particular topic or to provide examples of use. Although we have done our best to provide resources that are open access, there will occasionally be links to journal articles requiring a subscription to access the full content. We will continue to add new resources and monitor the functionality and utility of existing resources. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you think we're missing a key resource or you come across a non-functioning link.

For now, happy exploring!