March 13, 2020

Field Studies on Feasibility of Elimination of Soil Transmitted Helminths

Judd Walson

Funding has been awarded to principal investigator Judd Walson (Global Health) by the London Natural History Museum for "Field Studies on Feasibility of Elimination of Soil Transmitted Helminths".



While the NHM is a leader in many areas, the NHM does not have strong core expertise in clinical epidemiology, trial management, biostatistics, implementation science or clinical medicine. All of these are incredible strengths of the University of Washington. The University of Washington START Center will provide background research and analytic support in direct support of several activities supported by this investment. In addition, the Clinical Trials and Implementation Support Unit will provide access to expertise to help develop, guide and manage the proposed investment most effectively. This will include assistance in the design of the proposal and analysis plan, development of SOPs and training of the field sites (in close collaboration with the OT), analysis of data and reporting of results. Each sub-awardee will provide some level of data oversight for their trial site but it is critical that there is a unified harmonized approach to the study and data that can only be provided at a more central level.